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Adelaide Pilar music LLC

Adelaide Pilar Music is not only Adelaide Pilar’s Publishing company but also her business for providing corporate entertainment. Managing and performing various ensembles for over 10 years, she decided to encompass all projects under Adelaide Pilar Music. Bands range from Latin and English Top40, Salsa/Tropical, and Tribute Shows. For private events; sound systems, DJ’s and other production materials can also be supplied.  
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Adelaide Band

Adelaide Pilar began her first project; the Adelaide band m, which started as a Latin top40 band for the Disneyland Resort. This band quickly became in demand at other theme parks, festivals, casinos, city parks and other special events and also opened its repertoire to English Top40


Tribute Shows

Having a knack for particular Latina artists, Adelaide Pilar then created 2 tribute shows. The first show is her tribute to Selena and the other is the Latin Divas; tribute JLo, Shakira, Gloria Estefan, Celia Cruz, and Selena. Both shows include full live band and costumes. Both have had immediate success at casino show rooms and other festivals. The Latin Divas show is getting much attention because there’s no other tribute like it; a non stop show of 5 Latin divas and all interpreted in full costume by Adelaide. 

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Adelaide Tropical

Due to the success of the Adelaide band at Disney, the resort then asked her to put together a “Salsa/Latin Tropical” ensemble which then resulted in the formation of Adelaide Tropical; a full live salsa band that played popular salsa hits and salsa versions of other Latin Top40. This group had great success reaching a very specialized music out to an audience that might not normally hear it. Thus it has also had success outside the resort at various music festivals.


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